FluteShox Day

FluteShox Day 2019 is HERE!



MARCH 2, 2019

This year will be as fun, if not more so, than last year! In addition to flute choir readings, workshops, masterclasses, flute exhibits, and a recital, there will be a mock solo & ensemble audition! If you want to get some practice performing in front of judges or want to get some feedback in a low-fear situation, sign up now. Accompaniment is not required. Just show up and play!

Our guest artist is the wonderful Terri Sundberg, professor of flute at the University of North Texas. She will present a collegiate masterclass and a recital.

It’s $15 to register for the day, plus $5 for the optional mock solo & ensemble. A great value for a whole day of flute fun!

Register at www.wichita.edu/musicstore.

For more info, go to www.carmenlemoine.com/teaching/wsu-fluteshox-day/

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