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I’m on the last day of WSU’s fall break and it’s been a welcome reprieve from the Go-Go-Go of this semester. The best part about it has been the extra time to finish off all the details for my upcoming performance with WSU’s Symphony Orchestra this Thursday at 7:30 pm in Miller Concert Hall. I’m performing Guillaume Connesson’s Pour sortir au jour, premiered by Mathieu Dufour and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 2014.

Here is what the composer says about the piece:

Pour sortir au jour (“Going Forth by Day”) is the original name of The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Those papyrus scrolls were placed near the mummy in order to help it achieve its journey to the hereafter and attain the light of Osiris. This book consisted of a series of prayers, magic formulas for opening doors, invocations and fabulous tales in service of the deceased. For in order to live this second birth and see the brightness of the Justified, a series of trials awaited the dead person. It is this spiritual journey that my concerto evokes: a journey from shadow and light to the land of Amenti, the paradise of the ancient Egyptians.

It is a marvelous, colorful, and dramatic work that’s well-written for the flute and I’m so very excited to bring a little piece of French exoticism to Wichita. I hope to see you there!

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