What Is Going On???

Flute in the Time of COVID-19

I’m now finishing week 3 of staying at home, social distancing, and small waves of anxiety washing over me every so often. I’m also back to teaching (online) my students this week and adjusting my ears to listen for things other than tone quality. What a surreal world it is right now.

As an extroverted introvert, part of me is quite happy to be at home. I’m taking better care of myself, eating better, etc. and I feel I have some time to do something creative (no more orchestra rehearsals and, sadly, no more recitals). I started a Facebook group and YouTube channel – Keep Calm and Flute On – to help flutists stay inspired to keep practicing and to create a place of connection and support. People are posting their own favorite practice tips, links to other professionals’ livestream concerts, and questions. I have learned so much! Moreover, I have been making short instructional videos on topics that I feel particularly passionate about: resonance and improvisation, among others. Making the videos has also helped me to solidify my teaching process for these issues.

Our need to create is keeping us engaged, communicating with others, and supporting one another. One of my hopes right now is that, when we emerge from this, everyone will feel a deep appreciation and empathy for others, yes, but also appreciation for the value of creative thought and action. Creativity is propelling our society towards desperately needed solutions. As Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage.”

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