Dr. L’s Philosophy

The relationship between teaching and learning is a reciprocal one; I teach but I also learn from my students through the exchange of ideas and the challenge of finding what works best for each student. Teaching constantly enables a process of improvement and expansion.

I prepare my student for success by creating a natural, critical learning environment in which I give positive feedback while offering significant criticism. The lesson or class is a student’s opportunity to show me what she can do without fear of failure. She, in turn, is more confident and ready to accept the constant challenge to improve. Success breeds motivation and self-assurance, and the cycle renews itself. Being a musician requires a commitment to accept that there is always something new to be learned.

The lessons learned during a music education extend far beyond the private lesson, practice room, or concert hall. A musician-artist seeks beauty of all kinds; takes risks; shows persistence and attention to detail; and creates meaningful relationships with colleagues and audiences. These qualities ensure success regardless of career path.